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Security Plan

  • $9.95/mo

“It pays for itself with just one call”

Dear Driver, If you want to never worry about things like flat tires, running out of gas, mechanical problems, getting stuck on the road, paying a tow truck driver outrageous fees, or pretty much any other road-related problem you can imagine... join Motor Club of America, the nation's fastest growing roadside provider.

24 Hour Emergency Road Service and Towing:

Unlimited 24/7 roadside assistance including towing within 45 minutes of your call.

  • Flat Tire Change
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Lockout Service
  • Emergency Towing

With "Sign-and-Drive" MCA will get you back on the road or to a servicing facility with no out of pocket expense.

Legal Defense Coverage

Arrest Bond: In addition to our collateral bond benefit, your Motor Club of America membership card is eligible to be used in lieu of cash bail of up to $500.

Bail Bond: In the unfortunate event that you are arrested for things such as vehicular manslaughter or auto-related negligent homicide, we will arrange up to a $25,000 bond to release you from incarceration.

Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement

Car Rental Coverage: When a Member’s car is undriveable due to an auto accident, MCA will cover up to $500 for you to rent a car while your car is being repaired

Stolen Vehicle Reward: If your car or vehicle is stolen, we'll help get it back faster by offering a $5,000 reward.

Farm & Ranch Reward: We will pay a $500.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing a Member's livestock, saddle and tack, trailers, or farm equipment.

Credit Card Protection: If your credit cards are stolen, we'll cover any false charges up to $1,000 (but they need to be registered with us to be covered.)

Trip Planning and Travel Reservations: Concierge Service - Members can call our member service department and will arrange your airline, hotel, or car rental needs using your credit cards.

Discount Services: Save 20% - 50% on services for everything from prescription medications, dental, vision, hearing, doctor visits and more.

Health Care Assurance: Receive personalized attention from a patient advocate to help with medical bill questions and negotiations. Members often receive significant reductions on medical bills without adverse effects on credit reports.

Medical Expense Benefits

Emergency Reimbursement Benefits: If you go to the emergency room as a result of a covered accident, you can receive up to $500

Daily Hospital Benefit: If you're hospitalized as a result of a covered accident, we'll cover your stay for up to $150 per day for a full year.

Accidental Death Benefit: We've got you covered. Your estate will receive $10,000 when you die as a direct result of injuries received in a covered accident.

24/7 emergency medical assistance services worldwide

Including emergency evacuation and repatriation services whenever you are traveling 100 miles or more away from your principal residence.

Does Not Include The Following:

Up to $100 coverage for emergency roadside towing of:

1) boat trailers being pulled by your covered vehicle
2) utility trailers being pulled by your covered vehicle
3) while you are driving your RV
4) while you are driving your pickup with a load capacity exceeding 1 ton
5) while you are driving your pickup of a dual wheel class

The Following Accidental Death Benefit:

1) You, as named member, up to $50,000; or
2) You and your spouse, up to $25,000 each, plus job retraining is available for surviving spouse in many cases; or
3) You for up to $30,000, your spouse for up to $15,000, and your children up to $3,500 each. Optional benefits include job retraining for surviving spouse, continuing child care and continuing education support. (With your Security Membership, your estate will receive $10,000 when you die as a direct result of injuries received in a covered accident)

Legal Services Deeply Discounted Fixed Fee Schedule

Referral to a Provider Attorney for commonly used legal services at deep discounts:
1) Name Change ($155)
2) Simple Will and Trust ($170)
4) Waiver Divorce ($210)
5) Regular Incorporation ($295)

Towing to any facility within 100 miles for covered cars or pick up trucks.

Recent Customer Reviews

Total life saver! , Aug 2 By Jake.P Verified Customer

MCA has saved my family and I on more than one occassion. I never go anywhere without my membership card. I totally recommend MCA to everyone

Switch my membership , July 17 By Mary. M Verified Customer

I made the switch last year after being with their competitor for more than 20 years. MCA offered unlimited towing, so I had to make the switch since I exceeded the three services calls the company allowed me to have per year. Thanks again, guys!

Saved my daughter more than once! , July 8 By Jeff. A Verified Customer

Our daughter is a college student with a not-so-reliable car. We've taken full advantage of MCA's unlimited service calls over the last few years. Now that our daughter is heading into her senior year we're prepared to buy her a newer car, however, we're still keeping MCA just be on the safe side. I can't tell you how many times we've used their services