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In 1996, TVC acquired Motor Club of America, which provides motor club services in all 50 states and Canada and has been in operation since 1926.

Virgil Coffee - Founder
Virgil Coffee is the founder of TVC. He has worked in the motor club industry for over 50 years. He is responsible for creating and developing marketing plans for multiple successful multimillion dollar companies including Travelers Motor Club and Prepaid Legal Services, in addition to his own company TVC Marketing Associates. Virgil started TVC in the fall of 1988 and has grown the company and his staff to its current status. Mr. Coffee has mentored many successful young businessmen. He has applied with these young entrepreneurs the same training philosophy he has used in developing his own key management team. He has developed a system of checks and balances that allow him to step back from the day to day functions and yet maintain the high standards he demands in the operation of TVC.

Steve Hanebaum, Chief Executive Officer
Prior to joining TVC, Steve was employed in the banking and finance industries. He served as Exec. Vice president, Head of Lending and as a Board member for National Bank of Commerce-Oklahoma over a ten year period. Steve spent 24 years in the banking industry before coming to TVC, and in that capacity, Mr. Hanebaum handled the TVC relationship for over 20 years. Mr. Hanebaum has served on several boards and civic organizations over the years and attends most of the nation-wide industry forums. Steve received his undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University and Masters Degree from Oklahoma City University. Mr. Hanebaum also holds a graduate degree in banking from the University of Wisconsin. Steve is married to Melanie and has two grown daughters also living in Oklahoma.

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Motor Club of America’s main goal is to create and sustain happy customers.  Beginning with our friendly emergency roadside operators, our benefits providers strive to bring our members the most efficient and reliable services. Each team member will demonstrate professionalism and integrity in dealing with your service requests.  With our 24 hour hotline, we are always there for you, regardless of the hour or location.  Our mission is to provide the most valuable roadside services and benefits to our loyal customers.



Unlike similar traditional companies, we don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising our services.  We capitalize on the power of “word of mouth” by allowing our affordable membership packages and outstanding services speak for themselves.  We feel that happy customers with first-hand experience are the most effective form of advertisement.  



As our customer base continues to grow, we are always adding more service providers for more efficiency throughout all of the United States and Canada.  Expansion of members and providers will always be our number one goal as we continue to offer valuable, reliable services and professional customer assistance. 

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