Affiliate Program

Motor Club of America sends out payments every Friday via direct deposit. Our pay period is from Sunday to Saturday. You'll just need a bank account to accept the payments. We make it easier for you.


You can earn income from our affiliate program solely on the performance of the individuals that you sign up. Here's an example: You tell your best friend about this awesome program to earn money. Your excited friend signs up, and you make $80. But that's not it. You'll also earn an additional $6 every time he/she has someone sign up too. This feature makes for very lucrative earning potential.

Now that you and your members are both earning money, there's one other benefit to our affiliate program. This is called the monthly override bonus. You are paid an additional 66 cents for every month that those members pay their account fees. We tend to have loyal customers, so you'll reap that benefit for a very long time.


Each paid membership comes with the benefit of having your auto coverage and discounts. So you're not just paying $40 to join the affiliate program. You actually have a solid product too. Our business opportunity is just an added benefit to our amazing services.

Our program is completely risk free. You will receive a full refund if requested within three days. Any time afterwards is simply prorated for the amount you paid. Try it out, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


We'll be there every step of the way to assist you throughout the process. That way you're never lost. Marketing will be the single most important part of your success with this income opportunity.

We spent countless hours creating a rich and engaging website just for you. Your job is to simply put the site in as many hands as possible. Some of our associates advertise on social media to broaden their marketing reach, but you're not limited to marketing just online. You have the option to speak to individuals directly. Remember, we're in the digital age now, so you'll reach far more people on the internet and throughout the entire country than you would locally. With the internet you have millions of people at your disposal to market to. However, never underestimate the power of a local campaign. We have plenty of very successful associates that only market offline and they are our top earners.

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Hi! Welcome to my website. I have been working from home in one way, shape or form since 2001. I have grown accustomed to this lifestyle. I have two beautiful girls. I am from Billings, Montana, but grew up in Canada. I have been with MCA since 2012. To not take advantage of the vast business opportunity in the United States, I think, is crazy. My opportunity can earn you $80, even up to $500 or more per week for a 67 cent per day investment. See? I told you! Crazy opportunities! You will get this website for free, free leads, free training. All you have to do is work your business consistently, daily, and you will be successful! I can show you how to do that! How to get started: Secure your one-time membership fee for our total security membership of 39.90. Scroll down to Membership and click on view our services. Our membership includes paying you when you have an accident and have to do to the ER, paying you $1052 per week should you have to be hospitalized for an accident; the list goes on and on. Once you secure these services for yourself, you will be able to become a selling associate for our company. Click on Become an Associate to secure your membership. I will be in touch with you within 24 hours to help you set up your free website; fill out your W-9, associate agreement, and help you get your company website (back office) set up and get training to you asap. I look forward to working with you!

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I can't believe it's that simple! I made more during my first week with this affiliate program than I ever did with my full time job. - Tim. G

I really appreciate the weekly payouts. It has definitely come in handy for extra gas and shopping expenses. - Kia. W

Firstly, I enjoy the benefits more than anything! I've used the towing services twice already, total life saver. The affiliate program is just icing on the cake. - Abigail. K